Product Waste

Managing post-consumer textile waste through reuse, recycling and improved design.

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Level 1: Build a foundation and set ambitions

WE Fashion partners with recycling charities Sam’s Kledingactie in the Netherlands and Caritas in Switzerland to collect and recycle its returns and sample waste, with an emphasis on repurposing. The brand has demonstrated that it quantitatively tracks its damaged goods returned and monitors amounts repurposed, recycled and landfilled by its recycling charity partners. As part of its sustainability strategy, WE Fashion has defined broad ambitions to manage product waste and has assigned responsibility to manage its ongoing waste management projects. Resulting in a score of 91% at level 1.

Level 2: Make steady progress

WE Fashion has run an in-store clothing take back scheme for the past four years, at 51% of its stores. Returns are donated to Sam’s Kledingactie. Internally, WE Fashion supports its teams to reduce and recycle its sample waste, between 2014 and 2016, WE Fashion reduced its sample usage by 68%. WE Fashion will participates in initiatives such as Circulaire Economie and plans to join the ECAP fibre to fibre recycling project to pilot using recycled fibres in 2017. WE Fashion is yet to set long term targets to reduce its product waste impacts, resulting in a score of 83% at level 2.

Level 3: Adopt best practice

WE Fashion has begun to demonstrate some best practice activities. WE Fashion will join the ECAP fibre to fibre recycling project in 2017, trialling ways to integrate the use of post-consumer recycled yarns into its existing supply base. WE Fashion is also engaging consumers on the topic of product waste through its instore take back schemes. WE Fashion has still to develop ongoing processes for its products to become part of a ‘closed loop’ and to increase the proportion of its collection with a reduced end-of-life environmental impact. Resulting in a score of 24% at level 3.

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